Kotte Garant slurry tanker and Möscha pivoting ... v1.0

Mod for Cattle and Crops in category 2 axis

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As the title implies you get here a Kotte Garant slurry tanker and a Möscha pivoting distributor.

The slurry tanker is available in two versions, a single-axle (9m²) and a two-axle (14m²) variant.

The barrels are equipped with a three-point hydraulic, so you can use eg the Kverneland Kultistrip of XYZSpain.

There is also a Möscha Schwenkverteiler.

Have fun with it.


Modell: Mod Schuppen/ edit Deutzfahrer
Textur: Modschuppen/ Deutzfahrer
Script: XYZ Spain/ Deutzfahrer
Idee / Konzept: XYZ Spain/ Deutzfahrer
Tester: Deutzfahrer
Sonstige: Deutzfahrer

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